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Our Rattle-Free Trailer Hitch insert is designed to stabilize and make your trailer hitch more secure by drawing the ball hitch and receiver tightly together, which eliminates ball hitch movement. This reduces trailer sway, improves the smoothness and efficiency of surge brakes and electric brakes, eliminates hitch vibration and rattle, reduces mechanical stress on the hitch, on the towing vehicle drive train, and transmission, and improves the electrical connection of the trailer lights. 


The RFv2 Tightener is manufactured using anodized T6061 aircraft aluminum for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Our RFv2 model fits most standard 2” hitches, but we have an adaptor available that enables you to adapt this tightener to fit 2 ½” hitches. The friction pad on the RFv2 is there to help you align the serrated nut on the tightener with the hitch pin hole on the ball hitch.

Rattle Free Hitch Tightener RFv2

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