About Our Product

Our RATTLE-FREE trailer hitch insert is designed to stabilize and make your trailer hitch more secure by drawing the ball hitch and receiver tightly together, which eliminates ball hitch movement. This reduces trailer sway, improves the smoothness and efficiency of surge brakes and electric brakes, eliminates hitch vibration and rattle, reduces mechanical stress on the hitch, on the towing vehicle drive train, and transmission, and improves the electrical connection of the trailer lights. 

The bolt that we use to secure your ball hitch to your receiver has a shear strength over over 27,000 lbs and is more than 3 times stronger than a standard hitch pin. 


The Rattle-Free Trailer Hitch Stabilizer is easy to install – no special tools are required and no alterations to the ball hitch or receiver are necessary. The insert is a custom polymer that is impervious to corrosion. The bolt, custom serrated flange nut, and washer are plated to resist corrosion. 

Designed for use with trailers, cargo carriers, and bike racks. 

Available in two sizes to fit either 2” or 2 1⁄2” hitches. 

The Rattle-Free custom polymer insert fits into the channel of your ball hitch. The small screw on the end of the insert is used to help line up the bolt on the insert with the hitch pin hole in the ball hitch. The lock washer and the custom, serrated flange nut combine to hold the ball hitch and receiver tightly together. 

Are you ready to revolutionize your towing experience? Buy your anti rattle hitch stabilizer here!